147.5 pounds – WHAT!!!

So, today’s story is NOT going to be a story of healthy eating. I am thrilled with the weight loss my scale showed me this morning, and honestly, I LOOK a teeny bit smaller. My clothes still don’t fit well though; I am wearing a pair of jeans that I had purchased a while back to accommodate my weight gain and I still sport that muffin top overhang. But whatever. So today, even though last night I stopped eating at 2230, I started today at 1400. Not too shabby! But, here is my confession: I was so incredibly hungry that I ordered two chili dogs with slaw and onion rings with Mountain Dew for lunch! I had a small snack of kettle corn and gatorade later, skipped dinner, and had a 6 ounce glass of red wine. Nothing nutritious about this day at all.

The chili dogs were the bomb tho.

Just an old NC gal saddened by the over development of this beautiful state. I enjoy reading, hiking, writing, and bird-watching.

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