148.5 pounds!!!

So, today is Saturday, it’s my day off. I want to do my usual Saturday morning thing: have a snack in my chair, read my book, and goof off. This morning, however, I have a horrible headache, so after my cup of black coffee, I have another cup of hot black tea. I took a nap after this, and by 1300, my headache had become a migraine. I am thankful it is time to eat however, and in effort to clean out the freezer before the new refrigerator comes, I make a chicken pot pie and eat it. By the time 7pm had come around, my migraine had reached nausea level. Had already tried another cup of coffee, ibuprofen, then naproxen sodium, then finally gave up and had 25mg of Benadryl and went to bed. Useless day.

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