150.5 pounds

I brought my coffee to work in the wrong coffee cup and it was too hot to drink on the way to work like I usually do. No matter – I am so sick of black coffee already. When I got to work, I just poured some of their nasty Folgers in my cup and it made no difference; the bitterness of unaltered coffee. I know many people like it that way.

Today at work was hoooooorible! My sleeping patient from yesterday was out of bed at least every 5-10 minutes today, confused, and a high fall risk. Then my ventilated patient needed to be shipped out to a larger hospital with cardiac intervention capabilities, then there was a code blue that was another huge deal! I do remember that I went to the cafeteria and ate turkey, gravy, stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch. I felt like I needed the fortification to handle the rest of the shift. It was a truly horrible day. The family with the bed-jumper seemed mad that I couldn’t stay in the room all day like I did the previous day when he was my only patient. It makes me want to stop giving extra attention when I have the opportunity; that way the patients and families won’t feel like one-on-one care for non-critical patients is the norm. I don’t know how we, as hospital nurses and staff, can prepare the clients for such things. Dinner that night was Papa Johns. I did manage to only eat two slices of cheese pizza instead of three or four.

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