151.5 pounds. Weight last year at this time: 129 pounds Goal weight: 135 pounds

First off, I am unhappy drinking my coffee black. I have been drinking the same cup of coffee for about 28 years now, and it has become my morning bliss: lots of half and half and two spoonfuls of sugar. It soothes me, gentles my soul, grounds me into being. In other words: I freaking love it! But since in the 16/8 plan you cannot have any calories until the eating window opens up, and I have to leave for work at 0600, black coffee it is. This same cup sans half and half and sugar is insipid and weak. It does NOTHING for my sense of well being, haha. Anyways, I drink it, because I am scared of the caffeine withdrawl headache that will occur if I don’t give my body that 0600 dose. It is doable.

Thankfully this morning I had errands to run. Our refrigerator is broken and I need to go out and shop for a new one. This kept me distracted until lunch time, when my friend, who indulged me by enduring the shopping trip with me, offered to buy me lunch at the snack counter that was close by. Cheese pizza and Mountain Dew it is!! Hardest part of the day: cutting off all eating at 9 PM. I am used to binge snacking until I go to bed. This may be my actual problem. Anyways, I have to go to work tomorrow and I cannot survive a busy day in the critical care unit without a decent lunch. So I need to stop eating by 2100 so that I can eat lunch by 1300. If I drank nothing but black coffee all morning my heart would be like a hummingbird!

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