149.5 pounds. Humph. Scale must be broken. After all the food I ate yesterday??

Today the refrigerator comes! I figured out how to make black coffee a little more acceptable: I sprinkle a little cinnamon in it now. And I have cardamom seed pods that I can use to flavor it without calories. Just throw a seed pod in there and mmmmmm, deliciousness!

So today is very easy to ignore hunger pains. I have to clean out the old fridge (which I have been putting off because it is full of this and that), pull it out, clean behind it, etc.. Well, once I got it out, I decided to repaint the trim all around and make it look clean and new back there. Then the HVAC guys came out to do my bi-yearly service, and after that, it was lunch time! I had a nice cup of coffee the way I like it and ran out to the optometrist to fix my glasses. Then I went home and snacked and slept, after all, I had a busy morning!

This night was my son’s first football game in the marching band and I went to the game to watch him perform. It was a fun time and I am glad I forgot to bring money because they had fried bologna sandwiches! Once we got home, it was past my eating window, but I was hungry. I made a mac-n-cheese cup, some popcorn and a glass of wine.

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