147 pounds this morning!

I even feel like I look thinner, even though I am still sporting the same muffin top over my jeans. Perhaps it is all in my head. I went to Target today because this week you can get 20% of clothing with the Cartwheel app. I ended up getting this cute olive-green parka and an o-so-slim wine colored turtleneck. I guess they have skinny mirrors there because I looked GOOD in that parka. I kept looking and looking. My hair looked awful there though all gray on top and faded color on the bun. UGH, that will be another adventure to post. I am SO lazy with my hair!!

But now that this fasting scheme is actually starting to work a little, my mind turns to how will I maintain once I have met my goal weight. Obviously I won’t want to keep losing weight, so adding back my delickity-licious morning coffee won’t be a big deal. But I think I will keep my 2100 cut off time for food and snacks. But let me first get to the goal before I start making new goals….

Today for lunch I made a tuna fish sandwich (with egg and pickles) on wheat and had a side of Target brand nacho cheese chips. Drank that with my yummy coffee! Later I snacked on more of those chips and some kettle corn. And two maple Oreo cookies – they remind me of the NC State Fair for some reason! Dinner was lasagna and garlic bread. I usually eat 2-3 pieces of the bread but it just wasn’t that good to me. Blessing!

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