148.5 pounds – hey, it’s below 150

OK just another weekend. Today is Sunday, so it is easier for me to fast because I am distracted by getting everyone to church. I have to admit though, that halfway through church I started meal planning in my head. You guessed it – FRIED BALOGNA SANDWICHES!! After hearing the announcer talk about them during the football game Friday night, I just couldn’t get them out of my head. I went straight home and fried up those babies, with cheese, lettuce, mustard and mayo, a cup of beautiful coffee with cream and sugar, and I cut up a russet potato and made oven fries! Soooo good. This fasting diet makes me crave food so bad.

It is now 2130 and time to be done eating. Tomorrow is a day off at home so it will be hard for me to endure those alone hours without noshing on something. Good thing I have many errands and chores to accomplish!

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