Germophobe at the state fair

Just a cash handy pack mule, waiting patiently for my owners to direct me to my next destination

This is probably the number one hardest day of the year for me. I am a germophobe and I admit it. Let me tell you all how much I know about you. As a nurse, I see things. Gross things. I see people pick their noses, pick the crud from their nails, and don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. I see the surprised look on people’s faces in the hospital when I hand them a soapy cloth after they use a bedside commode and suggest they wash their hands. 9 times out of 10 they use that cloth to wipe their face instead. I am handed grimy cell phones with thick films over the earpiece and asked to speak with the family member on the other end. I see the underwear that is worn. Ohhhh, don’t get me started on the underwear! Remember how your mama always told you to put on clean underwear before leaving the house? Please, please trust her! And better yet, clean your private parts before putting on those clean underwear.

So, the state fair is a tough one for me. Thousands of unwashed humanity, eating, sitting, walking, rubbing against me, touching the things I touch. The tables we share, the sugar shakers at the funnel cake stand that everyone has touched, the hand washing stations – those are actually as dirty to me as a bathroom floor. I just cannot stand it. I know this is a big character flaw I have – because my Lord wouldn’t be squeamish over these things! He would touch and serve and love no matter how gross that person is with personal hygiene. I am eyeballing my cell phone right now because I haven’t disinfected it yet and I know it is a agar plate full of gram positive cocci in clusters, and since I was at the state fair with it, probably a goodly amount of gram negative rods on there as well!

OK this post is over. I need to take care of this phone ASAP.

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