Successful day

So, I am participating in NaNoWriMo. It was actually a slow start, but the novel that has been living in my head is really starting to take off. This is the furthest a compulsive writing project has gone. Those characters in my head, how I love them! My hero, however, is still a grey smudge that hasn’t evolved yet. Who is he? I want him to be so many things: calm, steady, strong, solid, warm, fun, educated, open, chivalrous. Actually, I want him to be all of those things yet, I cannot seem to MAKE him be that. Where are his flaws? Currently, he still exists as a faceless entity in the book. Perhaps he will reveal himself when I bring him into the next chapter.

He was at his wife’s funeral when the heroine arrived at his home. His wife died in childbirth, giving birth to twins. He will welcome her into his home as an employee taking care of his newborn children. She will heal from her wounds of the past. Gradually, their lives will intertwine into togetherness.

Will anyone read this romantic drivel? Perhaps not. But my soul will be satisfied with the rendering of this story that has been floating in my head. This is a time travel story – why? Because I want to go back in time and experience the differences more than anything in the world. Time travel romances are my favorite genre, yet only 10% of those written actually satisfy me. This novel is only satisfying my own desires, and once finished, I am not sure if I will write another. Time will tell. Ba-da-boom!!!

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