Another writing assignment

First, let us analyze the assignment itself. For privacy, I will not actually post the actual assignment, but tell its requirements. We are required to interview an RN with MSN or higher degree with a preset list of questions. We are to take those questions and turn them into a 2-page, 500 word APA format essay. Under the “assignments” tab, we are given the rubric for the assignment. I used this same assignment instruction information for my last essay (the one I failed, remember?). Until I read the instructor’s comments in my failed paper, I used the posted assignment instructional document and the included rubric attached to that assignment. NOPE. The comment section of my failed paper informed me what the assignment requirements were, and that I should have read those in the announcements for that class, along with a sample paper that was a good representation for the assignment.

So, I go the announcements page listed on my class page. I find the aforementioned instructions and sample paper – dated from MAY 2018. An ENTIRE YEAR AND A HALF AGO.


So, I am now ready to prepare for my next assignment. I go and find the next assignment in the old, out of date announcements, and dig around to find the professor’s “perfect” student paper from long, long ago.

This student had a “compelling” first sentence and she had left her comments on the paper to show how much she had liked it! Interestingly enough, that first sentence that she found so “compelling”? It was so dull to me that I skipped it when I read the paper the first time. So I went back to read it again. Still dull. And all flowery nonsense, the kind of stuff that I used to use to beef up my assignments that didn’t have enough material to meet the word count.

Embrace the flowers. Embrace the flowers of destined loving-kindness, placed into existence for the edification of our nurses doing service for the world’s needy. <—-flowery like that, I suppose.

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