I have considered myself a writer since I was very young. Yes, the dream was stifled in my teen years by the thoughtless student-teacher, but I have kept numerous journals and story starts here in my home.

My children are all teenagers. I am a full-time nurse, single mother, with minimal assistance from the other party (who lives 900 miles away). I want to do so many things. So many dreams to explore. So far, I have managed to take the children on yearly beach vacations, and for the past 2 years, we have done smaller three-day weekends in the mountain range of our state. As the children get older and the support from the estranged gets smaller, I am finding it harder and harder to arrange for these trips. Yet these trips are the very thing we all look forward to – our THING.

Therefore, my writing is now a public thing. This is my practice space, a way to try to make my thoughts interesting (because I think I am probably the most boring and dull person there is, unless I am making fun of the crazy stuff I do as a nurse, but I am scared of violating HIPAA when I discuss those insane days…which is too bad).

I have a novel in progress, with another novel waiting to be written after that one. Why do I mention this?

Because there is so much absolute DRIVEL being published and apparently SOLD out there. I cannot tell you how many scores of books I have deleted from my Kindle because of the sheer horribleness of the writing, plot, pornographic scenes, plausibility, etc. etc. If these books are getting published, then surely my own will have better reception!

And then, hopefully, I can afford a winter AND a summer vacation. I really only need to make an extra $4000 a year to achieve this. I don’t want huge luxury vacations, just enough to rent a modest home for a week, board my pets, and pay for food That isn’t too much to ask for, right??

Maybe I should just get a PRN job. I would need to work @ 150-200 hours to achieve this sort of money. That is 16 extra shifts per year, which equals to just over 1 shift per month. That doesn’t sound so bad, right?

But, I still have this intense longing to publish. I want this. I want my writing to matter.

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