Recipe bloggers

In 2006, when Ree Drummond started her Pioneer Woman blog, I was all gaga over the pics of every step, with comments and little stories thrown in. It was enchanting, and it worked well for her. She’s a bazillionaire now.

For the rest of you, please stop. It is a new decade and there are a million copy-cat blogs – quite frankly, I now find it tedious looking for the recipe I am searching for. I want one recipe and one pic. I don’t want to scroll through pic after pic, and read story after story of why the brown sugar didn’t work but the toasted coconut sugar did. Stop. Just stop.

The next time I google “star anise, green peas, rice”, I better get a dang recipe and not a soliloquy about your latest trip to India and a recipe down at the bottom of the page that doesn’t match what I want.

Thank you.

But that makes me think about THIS blog. What am I doing but waxing eloquent over things in life. Yes, yes, this is my practice space, where I work on making my thoughts obey the English language. I need to find a style, a niche. I used to love The Pioneer Woman and when I was married, it was a daily click for me. As I moved into nursing and the man-child left my home, my daily reads turned into other things. I frequent only one vlogger, TwoSetViolin. I do follow a few of my fellow wordpress folks; I have not been here long enough to discover much – I am trying not to find too much to keep me away from my school work at this time. I follow some other bloggers – OldHouseLife, Laurel Bern Interiors (spent a lot of time with her when I was choosing colors for my house after the man-child left), a few medical blogs like ZDoggMD, and Dr. Grumpy.

All of these folks have this uniqueness about their story that kept me going back, time and time again. Most of them are still up and running; some have quieted down. What will make this one of mine unique? Or will it ever achieve that interest level? Settling on a certain theme right now is too much – there are so many wonderful things in this world to explore! Like the Indian rice one of the hospitalists made for a shared lunch the other day. I am off work for the next few days and was trying to see if I could figure out what sort of recipe she used. I found one – after I was drug through the pics and memories of a zillion bloggers.

How to be different?

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