I am reading about “Health Promotion Model” in one of my RN-BSN classes. Idly, after reading this quote: “Research indicates that often the best predictor of behavior is the frequency of the same or a similar behavior in the past.”, I started co-relating it to my own habits.

It made me think. I used to run 5K, 3x a week. What do I do now? Absolutely nothing. How long have I been out of the running? <—–yes, pun intended. About 4 years. 4 years. That is how long I have been a single mom.

And the realization that I have gone from healthy, cardiovascular training to sitting on my butt in a leather recliner just hit me like the roll of belly fat I have been whining about for a year now.

I have given up part of what I used to thoroughly enjoy as my “thing” in order to become both mom and dad for my children in this vulnerable period in their lives after their dad left. I will never, ever resent that. But

I just want to encourage the single moms out there to get back in it. Go back out and do the things you used to enjoy before the selfish action of your unfaithful one (UFO) left. I walked 1.2 miles today and it kicked my butt. I can’t wait to go back out and do it again. And again. You can do it too!

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