I bought a car yesterday

I am TERRIFIED of it.

I started out looking at used cars on local sites like NextDoor, Craigslist, etc. Then I went looking at certified pre-owned. Then end of the season 2019 models. After 4 weeks of this madness. I drove over to a Kia dealership, found the PERFECT car for me. It is a model that works for my family, exact color I wanted, all the extra little bells and whistles that make a new car nice.

It is the first NEW new car I have ever owned.

Here is the list of cars I have owned:

Cadillac Cimarron (lemon), Chevrolet Celebrity, Dodge Colt (lawsy, I HATED that one), Mazda B2200 pickup truck, Chevrolet Lumina, and my last beloved car – 2004 Honda Odyssey.

It is so scary to own this new car. Why can’t I just enjoy my first new car? Because so many things can go wrong! I can wreck it. Some other idiot can run into me and wreck it. It can be a lemon. The cost can drain my funds. I can get sick. I feel guilty for spending so much. I feel cheated for not being a bigger bulldog and negotiating a lower price. I feel like I was too extravagant purchasing a NEW car when I clearly could have purchased a used one for much, much less. I feel like my family and friends will be disappointed that I did not hold out for a lower price.


I miss my 20 year old self who didn’t care one way or another about car care, car prices, cars breaking down, etc. Why can’t she come back to me?

Just an old NC gal saddened by the over development of this beautiful state. I enjoy reading, hiking, writing, and bird-watching.

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