I guess this is getting old?

I am settling more and more into learning about local nature, native plants and animal species, and sustainability. Always been interested in the outdoors around me – but now, now it seems imperative that I DO something about this love.

Is this what 48 looks like? I like it.

I have lived in this neighborhood for 20 years, and see many of my neighbors that moved here the same time – meaning they are probably my age – still indulging in fast cars, loud parties, blaring music…I wonder if they are still caught up in trying to stay 21?

I wonder what personal fulfillment means for other people. This neighborhood is one of those “starter” neighborhoods. An old trailer park was sold, dissembled, and turned into a new neighborhood. We were newlyweds searching for our new home. We had our children here. Some of the families moved on to other places. But most of us are still here. In the same little starter houses. I am still here due to circumstances that disallow me to move on. I do love it out here, though. It is quiet, nature surrounds us, and I never get tired of searching the neighborhood for a glimpse of wildlife that I haven’t seen before. The guy down the street still washes his Camaro every weekend (and has for the past 18 years) and blasts it up and down the street whenever it is nice out. I wonder about him! There is an older couple that always sits at a table in their open garage. They do not walk around, just sit at that table, staring at the passers by while smoking cigarettes. I remember when my dog was young and hard to handle, he got loose one day. I was out trying to catch him when this neighbor came out running at my dog with a baseball bat. What a great help HE was! I will never forget that, and stare right back at him every time I walk by his garage table while I walk my now older and wiser pup.

What do my neighbors do to fulfill their lives? We are not big folk. Not making huge changes in the universe. Or are we? What am I doing? Learning about plants and birds? Getting an online BSN degree?

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