Thoughts on jury duty

  1. It is sooooo obvious when you act like you just can’t tell the truth for the sake of the law. You are lying to get out of jury duty and that’s that. Unfortunately, it always works, because no one wants the wild card. So kudos to you for having the guts to be a Corporal Klinger.
  2. Playing the dumb card also works, but I despise you more because it TAKES MORE TIME for the dang selection process. I loathe you.
  3. If I can do jury duty as a single mom with three children, one of which has special needs, then so can you. We don’t want to hear how your mother’s cousin Dellie is sick with the gout and no one can take care of her. You had an entire month to plan, just like I did. Don’t waste time.
  4. Please bathe.
  5. Ladies, if you hover over the public toilet, even though seat protectors are provided, please wipe up all that pee dribble. Don’t be disgusting.
  6. I had no idea so many of the regular folk in that jury room were undercover criminals!

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