Anxiety is ruining my life: the single mom saga

I need a better way to be. Jesus promised us his peace, why can I not allow it to flood my existence? Has He not gotten me through the last 5 years of being a single parent?

It is the constant fear of the unknown. Every surprise bill that hits my mailbox (remember when we were kids and would LOVE to get the mail?), every piece of this house that crumbles without any monetary support to repair, every struggle, illness, every dream that dies…isn’t it all to the glory of God? Why can I not allow that to just BE?

I was on vacation this week and the very first day I was there, my car broke down. It was easily repaired, but after that I kept EXPECTING it to break again and no longer enjoyed my trip. I quickly realized that the only thing that can prevent this from happening again is a FAT bank account. An anxiety free life – fueled by money.

I did a search for things to try out to combat my anxiety without going to the doctor. If none of these work, then I will admit defeat and go visit. Here is a list of the things to try:

  1. exercise
  2. tai chi/meditation
  3. herbal supplements: lemon balm, lavender, hops, valerian
  4. prayer and journaling (this one should be #1 I guess)
  5. deep breathing
  6. …open option

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