Anxiety product review: TAZO Calm Chamomile

So, I actually had a pretty good day today. I sat around in my chair a lot, read trashy romance novels, and only worried about life a little bit. I am down in cash a bit, but not in a terrible way. I took my kids to Target, which usually costs me a big penny at this time of year, but due to Covid-19, I am not really spending a great deal on school supplies because they will be at home for a lot of the time, according to the latest news sent out by our school system. Funny how they no longer need supplies!!

So later on this afternoon, I needed to go grocery shopping as I will be working three 12-hour shifts in a row this weekend and will need to provide food for the three voracious teenagers at home as well as meals for me at work. I took one of my voracious teenagers and off we went. Anxiety hit me hard as I entered the store. I typically spend around 150 dollars per grocery trip and I go bi-weekly. The absolute enormity of this fact hit me as we browsed the fresh produce and I felt my heart start to race. Oh no.

Money is my source of anxiety.

That being said, I decided to spend a little of it on this tea: Tazo “Calm Chamomile”. It brewed up nicely, and it had a very important LACK of ingredient: stevia.

I cannot stand the taste of stevia. I can detect it a mile away, and it is so damn obvious in items that are “low carb” or “low calorie”. I find it in herbal teas very frequently and find it to ruin the flavor of many herbal blends. Not everyone wants a sweet, hot tea! I usually drink my hot teas unsweetened.

Now, if I am having iced tea – cane sugar Southern style all the way.

Tazo’s “Calm Chamomile” was pretty nice. I liked the slight minty taste, yet could do without the licorice (which usually doesn’t bother me), and enjoyed the lemon balm. I felt good while I was drinking it and felt good for a little while after. This one will be on the list of “let’s attempt this one again”, because it actually seemed to help me some. My anxiety did go down and I was able to manage the rest of my evening trouble free.

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