Get a promotion, find your true friends

Ain’t that the worst? I recently was given a minor promotion at my workplace, and now all of a sudden people that I thought were my friends are bitter enemies. What did I ever do to them? I certainly didn’t change. The only thing that changed was my title (and paycheck). No one knows how much more I am getting so why the sour grapes? It is just plain hurtful to know that I am the subject of such hateful gossip and backbiting behavior.

What is more? I am a nurse. This very profession that thousands of individuals seek out because they love helping others…well, I suppose that doesn’t apply to co-workers. “Love your patients, not your co-workers!” – that should be the nursing motto.

I know of one young nurse that was disparaged against by the same co-worker that feels bitter towards me. Why should anyone be doing anything else but lifting up this young woman and helping her succeed? Tearing others down doesn’t seem to fit into a nurse’s narrative. She confessed to me that she felt like she was a terrible nurse and that she wasn’t getting any better. This was astonishing to me, as I felt like she is coming along very nicely and fits right into our work environment. The bitter co-worker’s words made this lovely person feel inadequate and suffer doubt over her own abilities.

I wish I could gather all of us who have suffered from the ugliness of jealous, bitter people who cannot stand seeing another person succeed and just give us all a big hug. You are not alone. You are worthy of your position. You are a GREAT nurse. And you will go far. Uplift others as you go. LOVE.

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