Weird neighbors

They have been bugging me. And they do not even live on my street. There is a house that was sold in this past year, and new folks moved in. I could recognize right away that they were an odd bunch. Oddness doesn’t bother me, but they have made some really strange outdoor choices since moving in.

First, in their backyard, they have set up a system of dog pens with chairs in them. As far as I can tell, they only have one dog, who is never out in the pen maze. What are they for?

Secondly, they have spent a great deal of time, money, and energy clearing out the land ACROSS the street from them which I know for a fact they do not own. They cleared out all the brush that separated our neighborhood from the new interstate connection, piled all the brush in their yard, and rented a chipper for the logs and made huge piles of mulch where the brush used to be. WHY?? Why would you want to see the new interstate instead of the trees, birds, and rabbits that inhabited that area?

Thirdly, they noticed that my son and I like to crunch the fall leaves in the road as we walk every night. So now they go out every night and blow the leaves off the road with a leaf blower.

And that is what bugs me. We never did anything to them. I never once reported the illegal clearing of land, the dog running freely despite the pens, or the strange sewage smells coming from their property, probably from the squatters living in the broken down RV in their yard. Why be so petty as to blow the leaves off the road so those of us who walk at night can crunch them?

People make no sense these days.

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