Don’t you just love a new idea for a novel?

I have so many great ideas that are so interesting to me! And then I start writing and the amazing plot idea sort of fizzles and goes out. I put the story aside to ponder, and before I know it – POOF – two or three years go by. I keep a little scratch book by my chair to jot new ideas in, while keeping my poor unfinished novels active but untouched in the cloud. I like to think I am doing the reading world a favor, putting these really great starts that lead to lame story executions in writer’s jail. Haven’t we all gotten so excited when starting a new book – but by the time the 4th chapter rolls around we put it down due to dusty, dry writing?

Those new ideas that are so fantastic? Alas, they are required to die. Putting them out on the internet would be foolish, as those ideas are now public information.

Those old heroines of mine, how do they fare today, as their stories have been halted by my lack of imagination?

I think they still received their happily ever after, don’t you?

One comment

  1. I think it’s pretty normal for ideas to peter out, especially if you’re writing novels and you reach the middle. What I’ve found to help is to do the same thing (jotting down ideas in a notebook) and treating each chapter as a new short story. That helps keep things ‘fresh’, and you can just focus on one small part at a time. Wishing you all the best!


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