A patient hit me today

No, it wasn’t a “Code Strong”.

She wasn’t altered.

She didn’t have an infection causing confusion.

She wasn’t under the influence of narcotics, benzodiazepines, or sedatives.

She was just a lady my age, who had hemorrhoids and diarrhea. She couldn’t clean herself, and I couldn’t let her sit in stool, so I had to clean them for her. I only patted the affected area in effort to clean her without stressing the inflamed area, and she screamed at me to STOP, reached back and smacked at my face. My coworker grabbed her hand and told her NO. I got her cleaned up, asked the doctor to order her Tucks and Prep H, and spent the rest of my shift bringing her multiple beverages and other minor things she could think of.

Why do people think it is OK to hit their nurse? Am I there to purposely torture them?

I had another patient one time that almost got me good. He was also alert and oriented, but couldn’t stand on his own. He was determined to leave against medical advice, but could not stand up to do so. He had no ride, nor would any of the people he called agree to come and get him. He declared he was going to walk out.

Well, friends, until he walks out of those doors, he is my responsibility. He kept trying to launch himself out of bed and once as I tried to prevent the imminent fall he pulled back his fist and tried to punch me. I already had 2 officers at his bedside or I would have been punched for sure.

Why these 2 stories? Because these patients KNEW what they were doing. The second patient easily accepted money from the hospital for a cab out of there. Did we get a thank you for the help? I wonder if he knew that we all pitched in for the cab fare.

He was back that afternoon. He had fallen and couldn’t get back up.

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