Do you like our tree?

2020 Christmas tree, complete with cat’s ornaments on the bottom.

This is a purchase I made that I really cannot afford, but it brought my almost grown children so much pleasure in picking it out and decorating it. We have gotten a live tree for the past several years, but this year the place that usually sold and delivered trees did not have any. And I wasn’t about to try to transport a tree in a Kia Soul.

The weird google-eyed ornament that is mid-way has become somewhat of a fun gag ornament. It was made by my autistic son when he was around 3-4 years old. He was in therapy at the time, and his instructor was so incredibly proud of him to make a recognizable face that she laminated it and turned it into an ornament. And so, as crazy as this face looks, I still put it on the tree 15 years later. On the back of the tree. I’ll admit it, even as proud was I am of him doing this, it really is conspicuous and isn’t the most beautiful of ornaments. But we all get a kick out of seeing it each year, and we all take turns surreptitiously sticking it on the side of the tree that is facing away from where we are sitting, and putting it on the side facing someone else. It has become a tradition, this silly, cute, random object that celebrated a milestone in my oldest son’s development.

I had a similar tradition when I was growing up. My brother made a model of the eye in school, and it was just the size of a glass ball ornament. One day my dad hung it on the tree, and it became a tradition to hang this big blue papier-mache on the tree. My mother would put it on the back and we kids would move it around to the front.

And it lives on, even though I never started it up with the googly-eyes.

Do you have any fun, quirky tree ornaments?

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