Yes, this post is about – TP

Have you noticed ever since the toilet paper has started making its way back on the shelves that the quality of your favorite brand doesn’t have any more…quality?

Angel Soft. The toilet paper brand I have been purchasing since independent adulthood.

Angel Soft toilet paper has been my “go to” for YEARS. The price is right, the paper is not too scratchy, and it isn’t “plumbers’ best friend”, AKA, CHARMIN.

Not since Covid-19 however. This paper is now like the industrial stuff we have to endure in the hospital bathrooms. Therefore, one can only assume one of two things, depending on your level of optimism/pessimism:

  1. Supply and demand after all the hoarding caused Angel Soft and other companies to scale back on quality to produce quantity, which will resolve after the pandemic demands settle down.


2. The toilet paper companies have finally found a loophole allowing them to make their products cheaper to produce without reducing price, yet not experience lash-back from consumers…after all, we are so GRATEFUL to find toilet paper on the shelves again!

After taking economics, I am leaning towards scenario #2.

Nevertheless, I am going to take a risk on my septic system and switch to Charmin.

If I can find it.

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