The Night Grandma Died

Little did I know, the changes that would come

From the news that made you cry

I did not understand why my mama was so sad

We would play and then you cried.

Then came the day I came home from school

A lady from church told me you

Had gone to school too.

How strange it was, to have you gone

But you came home and hugged me tight

I didn’t like you gone but you always came back

Daddy had left and never said bye

Our home was silent as you cried

For grandma was gone but you stayed here

Learning to be a nurse for other mamas there.

I missed you mom, when you worked

And worked.

The church ladies were our friends.

We grew, and you became

Strong, single, and tough

You fixed the floors, the house, the yard

There was nothing you did not do

I am grown now and now I see

The strength it took for you to become

A person you never wanted

one without her

The only thing you envisioned

that was good was us.

For us, you became






I see that the change you made inside

on the night that grandma died

was one that was hard

but gave us all we needed

and wanted

Through those tears that fell

determination drove your mind

And carried us all on your shoulders

And gave us all your heart.

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