Intermittent Fasting Journey – Preview

A little background information – A year and a half ago, I had a total thyroidectomy. The pathology report showed papillary carcinoma and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I will never be unhappy that I had it removed. The journey since then however, has been a little bumpy. I have had to adjust my thyroid medication each follow-up visit to a lower dose, and each time the doctor lowered my dose, I gained 5 pounds. I gained a total of 22-25 pounds over the past year and it continues to climb. Now, I was not a large woman to start with, but 25 pounds is a bit much for one year. If it continues in this trend, what will 2 years, 3 years bring? Something had to give.

I adjusted my diet. No change. I kept a journal of my eating habits. Slightly more helpful, but again, no change. I started yoga and walking. No change. My doctor suggested that I was starting menopause and that I should expect weight gain at my age, which is a nice thought but since my periods are just as regular as the moon and tides I don’t accept that theory yet. Pooh! I don’t accept 25 pounds gain with me fighting every step! I started looking into what seems to be the internet’s biggest diet sensation. Intermittent fasting. I will blog my journey here for your viewing and educational pleasure.