I reeeeeaaallly don’t want to start another fasting diet.

Maybe it’s time to invest in control top panties and just be me. I just hate to throw out an ENTIRE wardrobe of clothes to accommodate this new weight gain. Since I gained this 25 pounds all in one year I will need to be careful that this is not my new norm – 25 pounds per year. Its been a week of NOT fasting and my weight is holding on to 148 pounds. So perhaps with the limits I created, I can maintain at this level. All that aside, I am still seriously considering the 5:2 plan. As much as I don’t want to do it, I want to test it out and see what happens!

Still holding on to 147 pounds

I am going to switch to the 5:2 plan. At least that way I will get to drink some &^%$ coffee with cream and sugar in the mornings!!! Just to note, a lot of websites with intermittent weight loss bloggers are also doing major amounts of exercise with their diet. I wish for my readers to understand that I am still my lazy self, sitting in my recliner. Now to say that I am a couch potato is not exactly true – I do work 3-4 days a week, 12 hours shifts in a hospital as a nurse. I do a lot of walking all day long. I DO plan on getting back into running when my ankle that I injured in July finally heals. I am still wearing a brace. Probably should get that looked at…..


147 pounds this morning! I even feel like I look thinner, even though I am still sporting the same muffin top over my jeans. Perhaps it is all in my head. I went to Target today because this week you can get 20% of clothing with the Cartwheel app. I ended up getting this cute olive-green parka and an o-so-slim wine colored turtleneck. I guess they have skinny mirrors there because I looked GOOD in that parka. I kept looking and looking. My hair looked awful there though all gray on top and faded color on the bun. UGH, that will be another adventure to post. I am SO lazy with my hair!! But now that this fasting scheme is actually starting to work a little, my mind turns to how will I maintain once I have met my goal weight. Obviously I won’t want to keep losing weight, so adding back my delickity-licious morning coffee won’t be a big

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Today is just OK. Drank my black coffee on the way to work. Work was steady busy so I didn’t miss breakfast other than becoming really hungry. My usual breakfast at work consists of a cup of grits, 1/2 cups of scrambled eggs and a slice of American cheese. I’m glad its busy. For lunch I went to the cafeteria drill and had a veggie quesadilla and it. was. amazing. Funny how being so hungry makes the food taste so much better! In the afternoon it slowed down enough at work for me to have a cup of coffee the way I like it. It was amazing, even though I usually HATE the coffee at work (Folgers.)